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I live in a place full of fabulous people who love local authors. There’s a fabulous author event at Juice N Java in Pacific Grove, California that happens every last Thursday of the month called “Curated Words”. A hand-selected crew of authors is handed time slots and a live mic. Yours truly got invited to read a selection from “The Fourth Piece”. My first thoughts were: Really me? But won’t people expect poetry? My second thoughts were: These people are trusting ME with a mic? Are they nuts? (My inner diva comes out. I swear microphones are like enchanted objects… or laced with sugar and caffeine that can be absorbed through the skin :D).

But no, the hosts of the event want to shake things up and get more authors on deck reading genre fiction to keep it from being your typical “Open Mic”. They are also giving the authors a chance to network and are printing up programs with all of our information inside. I’m really excited. I’ve been practicing my selection, and I’m going to rock it out. (Some people might leave thinking I’m slightly schizophrenic, but come on. I’m a teen librarian, my breed is recognized and labeled by others in the library world as being wired and quirky. Who else would work with teens, hah!) Some of my library teens are coming out to show some support. Love those guys!

So, hey, if you live in the Monterey County area and are free tonight at 7:30 pm, I’d love to meet you at Juice N Java in Pacific Grove. Here’s the FB invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/472124749645604/472958972895515/

And here’s the flyer! Take care! 😀

curated words



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