I am the tortoise

“Be the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.” I have engrained this mantra into my children when driving through Michigan’s snowstorms. It’s also become mine while navigating social media. I’m learning many techniques to promote my novel Chemical Attraction. http://t.co/uvvbMCJV (Bahaha)

Over Christmas, my cousin asked how it felt to be a published author. I replied with my usual answer. “It’s crazy cool.” However, what I don’t share with many is it also feels like the cluelessness on the first day of drivers’ training or at the beginning of every new job. Luckily, my publisher, Juanita Samborski, is supportive and understanding while I slip and slide on the road finding my traction. Like the tortoise, I start slow, test the road conditions, and watch for hazards like black ice writer’s block and accidental typos. I am what I am; I don’t fight it anymore.

I’ve picked up a few things along the way and learned from the other 48fourteen authors with their bios, blogs, and books. For example, I know about book tours from R.L. King, scavenger hunts from Roxanne Kade, and blogging from Elizabeth Guizzetti and Candace Knoebel. They’ve salted the road for my trip. Thank you, Team 48fourteen!

In previous blogs, I’ve posted about this alien world and my hesitation to join it. My supportive hubby had joined Twitter as @KraigPOV first to help me ease onto the slippery roadway. Then, he made me drive, and I got my own account: @ChristinaPOV. I’m fascinated and—I admit—I’m hooked. I even tried out some of the Twitter lingo to impress my son and daughter. Apparently, it’s not cool to say I know the lingo. While they smirked with unconcealed eye rolling—they get it from their dad—I sighed and moved forward.

I’m learning the trick is to be effective without turning into a self-promoting monster. I’m working on that before I lose all of my Facebook friends. I enjoy RT-ing fellow authors and reading what other novelists have done. The idea of a book trailer blew my mind. I didn’t even know you could do such a thing. Well, I’ve decided to make one. Who knows maybe I can actually do it.

So, I’ve scrapped the ice off the windows on my Jeep Wrangler and shifted into 4-wheel drive. I’m finally going to do some donuts in the high school parking lot. This gal’s going rogue…Move aside ‘cause I’m picking up speed.

Will I make it to my destination or slide into a ditch? Whatever happens—it’s the journey, right? “I am the tortoise. Slow and steady will get me there eventually.”

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