Huge weekend: entering ECCC an artist, leaving an artist/author!

I am exhausted. I will admit it right now. I spent the past weekend at Emerald City Comicon working like a mad woman. Three days of selling my comics and handing out excerpts of Other Systems has taken its toll. The day after a convention is generally an easy day of rest for me– or it would be if I had not become a published author last night. I am too excited for napping.

I will admit that even though they told us it would be about 6 pm, Maria (my best friend and partner in comic books) checked 48Fourteen throughout the day and shrieked like a teenaged girl when the book went live. Around the same time, my phone told me that I got an email from my mom telling me that the book was live, so obviously she had been paying attention too. I replied to my mom, texted my husband, slipped out a quick facebook message while Maria was telling everyone in earshot that her best friend was now a published author.

However, do not take my reluctance to show my excitement in public anything other than innate introversion and nerves. Truthfully, I was glad that I had ECCC to keep my mind off the release. Handing out excerpts felt helpful to the cause. Botching a few pitches helps too, as it helps me figure out what to say, when I am asked “So what’s the book about?” (Important tip: if they start backing away or their eyes glaze over at any time, your pitch is too long!)

It is an interesting experience to see a long held dream come to fruition, but it is even more interesting, because this time I’m not the only person that made this happen. Obviously 48Fourteen made this happen too. They created the wonderful redshift/blueshift over my cover artwork. All the editing and choosing fonts are just important to the book as my words and illustrations.

Anyway back to last night: Maria and I felt like celebrating and decided to go to Dilettante café and bar. We went to the café, split a bottle of Pellegrino and got ice cream sundaes that the cafe refers to as coupes. Maria got mint chocolate with brownies and I got vanilla honey with candied walnuts. Boy, do we know how to party! ?

On a final note: my sleep deprived brain cannot figure out if there is a way to put photos on this blog post, so if you want to see photos of us at the convention: please check out my ZB Publication’s blog at:
If you are hoping for costumes: sorry, we did not dress up this year—but next year we are going to elf out because Faminelands #3.

BALLS! (or Be Careful Where You Drop Your Business Cards)

April 2, 2012

Week 3

April 2, 2012

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