Geek Girl Con Wrapup

Maria and I were at Table 417 in Artist Alley at Geek Girl Con handing out sample chapters of Other Systems and selling our comics. More than a few people seemed excited that we have a release date for Faminelands #3 Mareton’s Curse–especially now that it is post production.
Our neighbors were Real Gone Girls, Amy Hevron, Bob the Angry Flower, and Erin Middendorf.
Maria found a huge roll of raffle tickets at a garage sale. We’ve wanted to try to do a raffle for some time, so we raffled off one of my pen and ink drawings: The Champion. This drawing was an experiment in hand coloring, but I really like the lady bug on the elf’s knee. I was so happy that the lady who won it, was nearly moved to tears she was so excited to win. Apparently, she loves red heads and fantasy.

Many moms and their teenaged daughters or little girls enjoyed the convention together. Lots of young kids and it definitely had a “safe place” vibe. One reason for this vibe was the lack of certain costumes (Princess Leia as a slave girl and Poison Ivy) Most of the costuming was pretty, rather than revealing. Or flat out fun. I saw someone dressed up as Red from Fraggle Rock and the Marauder’s Map.

Of course what is interesting while there was more women in attendance, but there were plenty of men there.

This afternoon, I presented an hour-long workshop called So You Want to Write (and Finish) a Novel that discussed how to start, slogging through the murky middles, concluding the work and common pitfalls each step along the way. I had a Powerpoint presentation so Dennis came to be my technology assistant and take photos. When I got there, there was so many people, I thought the previous panel went long. So I slipped in at 3:22, and Dennis and my room attendant, set up my power point presentation. By 3:30, it was standing room only. Talk about terrifying!

Terrific convention.

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