Fictional Romance vs. Real Romance



Romance in the fictional world:

1) If you want to get a boy’s attention, pretend you are not interested in him. At all. It will drive him crazy.

2) If you hear a nasty rumor about the boy you love, always assume it’s true. Don’t bother trying to find out from him because if it is true, you just dodged a bullet. If it’s not true, he’ll find some romantic gesture to win you back and all will be forgiven.

3) If you really, truly love someone, then you cannot live without him.

4) If he loves you, he will never want to leave your side. He’ll stay awake at night just to watch you sleep. He may even follow you around without your knowledge. It’s okay. He loves you.

Romance in the real world:

1) If you act like you’re not interested in a boy, he will assume you are not interested and will leave you alone! (This was my romance strategy most of my life, and believe me…it does not work.)

2) If you hear a nasty rumor about the boy you love, ask him about it. Don’t assume the worst about people. Don’t always assume the best either. Go find out the truth. You have to be willing to listen to both sides. Also, huge romantic gestures to win a girl back rarely happen. If you end a relationship with someone, usually he will take you at your word.

3) If you really, truly love someone, it is very hard to live without him. But sometimes you have to. Having the courage to continue is more about your internal strength than your level of love.

4) A man who stays awake at night just to watch you sleep, and also follows you around, is a stalker. This is not romantic. I repeat, this is not romantic.

Romance in the real world is also more difficult, more frustrating, more rewarding, and more beautiful than in fiction.

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