Chemical Attraction’s Deleted Scenes: Part 1

Chemical Attraction’s Deleted Scenes: Part 1

Since making a book trailer for Chemical Attraction, I’ve now decided to get Joss Whedon, the writer and director of The Avengers, Serenity, and the Firefly TV series, to direct my movie. Hey, a girl can dream. Besides, my novel was published, so dreams do come true. In anticipation of the movie then DVD sales, I’m putting out my bonus track/blog of the deleted scenes from my thriller.

In my final draft before sending it to the publisher, the two unidentified bad guys had their own points of view. The editor omitted them because it slowed the story down. He was right. We just couldn’t find the right place for their scenes in the chapters where it would still push the story forward, so we left out their POVs. Sharing those scenes now, I think, gives a little more insight into the story. I hope so anyway. There are SPOILERS. If you haven’t read Chemical Attraction, it’s available on Amazon: B&N:, and 48fourteen’s website:

In Chapter 3, Madeline gave Joe a “tour” of BennTech to copy information. The security tape disappeared. The assassin had it:

In a dark office lit by the TV screen, the assassin in a black pinstripe suit slid the disc into the DVD player. Stretching out on his leather couch, he reached for the remote and pressed play. Loosening his red tie, he watched Dr. Pierce and a man kiss and carry on in the Materials Management Department. He scanned it closely as the view continued from different camera angles. After stopping the DVD, he dialed his cell.

“Yeah, I’ve seen the video …. I’ll keep a closer eye on her …. I know I only report to you …. No, I won’t do anything unless I hear from you first, but I will find out what they know.”

He hung up and pushed play again. This time, he unzipped his pants and masturbated to Dr. Pierce’s lace panties and long legs.

At the end of Chapter 3 in Madeline’s loft during the thunderstorm, Joe thought he saw someone watching from the boardwalk. He was right:

The rain continued to bombard the windows. The thunder rocked the building. A drenched shadow leaned off the side of the fire escape and leered at their sweaty entanglement of passion.

At the end of Chapter 4 at the Village Inn Restaurant, Matt observed the men sitting at the bar. All the businessmen had taken off their ties except one—the assassin:

Dr. Pierce and her boyfriend sat with the Chief of Police and a bunch of kids when he walked into the restaurant. Taking a seat at the end of the bar, the assassin loosened his red tie and ordered a scotch. He noticed a couple of meth-heads a few stools down. They eyed the chief as they drank.

He enjoyed the karaoke singing. He even clapped after Dr. Pierce sang. He’d like to be that boyfriend, he thought, as he watched him closely. The boyfriend’s mannerisms revealed a joking exterior, but he scanned the room as well as the chief did.

He watched the drama unfold as the chief walked by the two druggies. He knew they would go off on someone before the night ended. They probably had a weapon. He chuckled when Dr. Pierce flirted and convinced those boys to leave with her. That was a pretty risky scheme for a science nerd. She would have had them all the way outside if that idiot boyfriend hadn’t walked back in.

It surprised him that she could do that. Ordinary classes did not teach that self-defense move. That impressed him and made him hard. She was much more than she let on. Maybe he’d take a little side trip with her to test all her skills before she died. He would enjoy this assignment to her very end.

At the beginning of Chapter 6, Tricia Simko, the vet’s assistant, took the vials. Luckily for the chief, she was distracted and didn’t realize the vet already had one:

At five-thirty in the morning, Tricia arrived to get rid of the vials. Swamped with patients yesterday, she didn’t have a moment alone. The lights were already on as she snuck in the backdoor. The animals stared. Reaching for the serum in the refrigerator door, she spotted the files laid out on the table. Carelessly placing the vials in her purse, she looked closer at the charts. She wouldn’t have to return. Glad to be rid of the smelly animals and boring doctor, she left through the same door. She dialed her cell and backed out of the small parking lot.

“I think the vet might have figured it out,” she said.

“Did he call the police?”

“I don’t think so, but I have the vials, so the proof is gone.”

“Lay low. I’ll take care of the doctor.”

In the middle of Chapter 7 after loading boxes into his car in BennTech’s shipping area, Joe didn’t know the assassin saw through their scheme:

After Dr. Pierce’s assistant told him she had already left, the assassin returned to his office to look at his private monitors and caught a glimpse of her by the shipping gate. Standing by his window overlooking the back of the building’s shipping yard, he saw her boyfriend pull through the gate. Kenny groped her as she joined the boyfriend next to their delivery truck.

He didn’t like the idea of Kenny’s filthy hands touching her sleek body. He bet her boyfriend didn’t like it either. He watched them leave with flattened boxes in the backseat. Turning left from the gate, the car parked a quarter mile down the service road.

After loosening his red tie, he reached for his binoculars from his desk drawer. Focusing on the car, he saw Dr. Pierce on her boyfriend’s lap. Her lace blouse fell out of the car onto the ground. He flipped a switch on the binoculars and refocused to see even farther into the car. By his angle, he could see the boyfriend caressing her thighs under her skirt until something blocked his view. Pulling the binoculars down, he saw the Chief of Police standing beside the car. Chuckling, he thought they put on a very well-acted show.

Ten minutes later, on cue the chief departed as the delivery truck drove past them. Dr. Pierce and her so-called boyfriend followed the truck’s route. They were getting too close. He knew exactly where they were going.

He made his first call. He smiled when his boss said to take care of it. During the second call, he told his underling that he wanted Dr. Pierce unharmed and put somewhere safe until he could get to her. Having to make the third call aggravated him. He had duped this hick cop for years. Now, with Dr. Pierce’s involvement, his hard work was for not. He would enjoy making her pay for interfering.

If you’ve enjoyed the first half of the deleted scenes, check out the rest in my second blog: Chemical Attraction Deleted Scenes: Part 2.

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