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Another character profile from my novel Foreshadowed. Claire Jones is someone Hope Murdoch wants desperately to hate, but just can’t. She’s competition for Bryce Nelson. She’s gorgeous and talented. But she’s kind, and a good friend. I really enjoyed writing Claire, and hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better. (Yes, I know she’s not real)

Full name: Claire Alice Jones

Birthday: November 14

Physical description:  Blonde and curvy with big, blue eyes. From the book: “She’s ridiculously pretty—one of the few natural blondes left in the world. Her liquid blue eyes take up most of her face, leaving just enough room for a tiny bump of a nose and a heart-shaped mouth. Her figure is even more ridiculous—Victoria’s Secret kind of ridiculous—but for some reason she’s self-conscious about it.” Claire is a Marilyn Monroe look-alike.

Favorite Food: She’s on a strict diet and avoids sugary and starchy foods. Before her diet, she had a weakness for pasta and candy. Now, whenever she has a craving, she munches on dried fruit.

Hobbies/Interests: Claire is a very skilled artist. She also likes singing, but is too shy to ever sing in front of someone.

Favorite movie/TV show: Her favorites are classics like “Bringing Up Baby”, “Singing in the Rain”, and “Some Like It Hot.”

Weaknesses: She’s naïve, and self-conscious. She isn’t comfortable around new people and has trouble expressing herself when put on the spot.

Strengths: She’s a loyal friend. She’s quick-witted and funny so long as she’s in a comfortable setting.

Secrets: She used to be overweight, and was teased horribly before her mom sent her to a fat camp and then moved her into a new school district. She still hopes her parents will someday get back together.


Here is the first real introduction to Claire Jones in Foreshadowed:


THE THREE OF US—BRYCE, Claire, and me—barely fit in Bryce’s white truck. Claire sits in the middle, even though I would fit better in that tiny space. Her curvy butt spills into my seat, and she self-consciously apologizes for it.

Wish I could be as skinny as she is…look like a heifer next to her…probably doesn’t even have to diet or exercise…so lucky…

Yep. Lucky. That’s me.

“What kind of music do you like?” Bryce asks as he turns the key in the ignition.

Claire shrugs, too embarrassed to give her opinion. She likes classical music and show tunes, and she doesn’t think either of those are cool enough. “I like all music,” she answers carefully.

Bryce doesn’t ask my opinion but leaves the radio on the current station—hard rock—only now he cranks it up to an ear-splitting volume and rolls his windows down. Boys are stupid. Claire cringes inwardly but tries to stay polite.

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