C.K. Brooke Answers YOUR Questions About The Duchess Inheritance!

Hey, readers! With The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia: Book 2) on the way, I’ve been receiving some great questions, and thought I’d share my spoiler-free answers to whet your appetites for the upcoming sequel. Enjoy the Q&A!

1. How much longer do I have to wait for book two’s release??
I am just as eager as you are! As of now, we don’t have an exact release date yet, but it’ll be soon, possibly within the next 1-2 months. Please follow my Facebook and Twitter accounts for live updates, or you can check my website, www.CKBrooke.com, periodically for changes. I will announce the release date the minute I learn it!

2. Does this book contain the same themes as the first?
Yes – amplified!! There will be even MORE romance, adventure, and politics! And pirates, too. Can’t forget pirates.

3. How many new characters can we expect to see in the next adventure?
There will be many new characters this time around. I don’t have an exact number, but this story is more populated than the last, as it crosses a broader span of time and distance. As well, most of the characters from book one will return, some with greater prominence than before.

4. Any new romances?
Why, yes!

5. Will Bos and Selu join the other three on the quest for the inheritance?
Bos and Selu will continue to play major roles in the sequel.

6. Is there going to be one main villain/antagonist or more of a group of people working against Dainy in the sequel?
I would say more of a group, although they’re all working under the same person/establishment.

7. Will Dainy ever return to where she grew up? / How are her aunts doing?
We will see a return to Heppestoni in this book, and you’ll find out.

8. Where is Asiotica? All we know is that it’s “East” and doesn’t show on the map. Can’t tell you how many times I referred to that page and hope the map is also in Book 2.
I’m so glad readers are finding my map (graphic design by the talented Lyndsay Johnson, fellow 48fourteen author) helpful! Asiotica is on the Great Continent, of which there will be a map – as well as the original map of West Halvea, with a few locations added- in the front of book two.

9. Can we expect more adventures on the high seas?
YES! As aforementioned, there will be pirates and backstabbing captains and high seas bounty hunters and… well, I’m not gonna spoil it all.

10. Will we get to explore more of Jordinia?
Lots more. The capitol, Pierma, is like Sweeney Todd-era/Dickens London mixed with Revolutionary Russia or France. You’ll love it.

11. Is this a “sweet” romance as well?
The heat level rises a bit in this installment, but you know me – while it’s sensual, I don’t get too graphic (my parents are going to read it, after all). But where there was only one intimate instance in the first story, you can expect multiple here, only because the main couple’s relationship is established and advancing. At one point, my editor even told me, “We need more here,” with regards to a sexual scene (LOL), so you can call this one “mild” to “moderate.”

12. Will Cosmith eventually have to face his demons and atone for his character flaws?
I bring all of my characters to justice, even if they’re my favorites. And that’s all I’m gonna say.

13. Have Mac’s feelings for Dainy changed?
I’d say appropriately so. In a way, they are closer now than they could be before. I think you’ll enjoy the evolution of Dainy’s relationships with all three guys. The story ain’t over yet!

14. How many more books will you write on these characters?
This is the last one. The Books of Jordinia are a duology, just the two novels. I have a few more manuscripts, however, which take place in the same universe, but not with the same characters.

15. How long did it take you to write?
Four months for the initial drafts, plus about six months of editing. The manuscript’s been complete for a year now. We’re currently in the final stages of tweaking and improving.

**Some more things you might like to know…

What does the cover look like?
This! (Thanks to 48fourteen and Amanda Matthews of A.M. Design Studios.)

Where will it be available?
In all the same places as book one – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, etc. – in eBook and paperback formats. I will provide links through social media and on my website when it’s available for pre-order.

Did you name any characters after me? 🙂
If we know each other, and you notice some variation of your name (first, last, maiden, perhaps the nickname you went by in our high school Spanish class… ) in the text, then it’s safe to assume I was thinking of you when I slipped it in. *winks*

Thanks to Becca in Washington, D.C., Sandi, Samm F. and Jake in Maryland, MJ in Pennsylvania, Melanie in Virgina, Kathy M. in Cuba, and Kathy T. in Michigan for the awesome questions! If you have a question, please contact me. 

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