Book Release!

As I anticipate the release of “The Human Cure” tomorrow, I am reminded of what inspired me to write it in the first place.

The notion of battling an addiction in the face of true love comes to mind. Also, the romantic concept of doing anything you can to protect the person you love. Those were two things I was daydreaming about as the vision of this book swirled in my head.

Imagine being a vampire with a desperate need to feed, and locked in a room with the one person you would not want to see hurt at any cost… that picture was the driving force behind this story, and it just came to me one day while I was sitting bored in a class. That particular thought was the birth of “The Human Cure.”

So check it out. I’m sure you will enjoy the twist I have put on vampire lore, and the very human elements that lie within the plot. It explores feelings that we all have at times. Because really, there is no cure for being human, and our emotions rule us all in the end.


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