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Much more important than having my upcoming debut novel do well critically and commercially is proving my ability to remain grounded despite having just been recognized as a literary genius. They may deny it, but I know my friends, family and new tailor are all concerned that me getting published is going to change who I am or how long I make them wait at tea houses and the opera.

In their defense, they all know I have been prone to delusions of grandeur in recent years, but such delusions are normal when one has no real grandeur going on. Now that I’m set to be a published author, the delusional behavior will certainly cease, as I no longer have any reason to merely PRETEND to be extremely important. That being said, I can’t promise I won’t continue to claim that I am the fourth Beastie Boy.

I was initially going to use this inaugural blog post to talk about myself and my book, Notes on an Orange Burial (due out in late summer/early fall 2011), but I decided this blog really isn’t about me. It’s about you… reading me.

I want to thank everybody who encouraged me to continue writing and submitting my work over the years, and who has inspired me to be true to the artist within me. I would also like to thank my parents, who would have been much happier had I been true to the cardiologist or lawyer within me, but who have never criticized my vocational choice while sober.

In future posts here, I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on a diverse range of subjects that all center around how I wasn’t breast-fed as a baby. I may also post some excerpts from my book, share my experiences as a rookie novelist, and (buy it) perhaps even try to employ (you need my book) some subliminal advertising.

I hope you’ll stop by here again soon to see what happens to me off my meds. I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback, and, if necessary, to finding out where you live.

Rejection of Rejection Letter

June 28, 2011

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