After the commercial break,

That’s where I am at today. I have finished the blog tour during the holidays, taken a short break from blogging and just about everything else I could when I had the flu. But now I am back, and I wanted to start right here before posting on any other social media sites.

As the few followers I have know, I post a book related sentence or two on twitter and facebook, but I blog here. 48fourteen is my headquarters. Hopefully, it always will be. I think it is similar to the first loves we have all had too soon in our lives. Here is where I learned so many things, from the staff, other authors, and the readers that are kind enough to comment on my blogs. It is humbling to meet so many people that want me to succeed as much as I do. So I try to put some thought into each blog I post.

I had such a blast on the blog tour. I was nervous at first, I think it is because I created this story in the dark and to bring it into the light feels foreign. I went into this tour with the thought that I would not be like some other authors promising the best thing since the book was invented. I am glad we don’t have any of those here.

I have said it before, I think I still have so much to learn, I can only promise that when you read my book you will be entertained with a good story. That’s it when you get down to it, and I think of my favorite books and that’s all they were too, so it is enough for me. I am still constantly studying the craft of writing, and I will always keep you updated.

Thanks for reading,

-R.L. King

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