10 Reasons to Read The Duchess’s Descendants

The Duchess’s Descendants is officially here on Friday, June 23! Need an excuse to pick up this romantic fantasy full of humor and adventure? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 reasons to read the latest installment in the Jordinia series:  

1. If you loved The Duchess Quest and The Duchess Inheritance, there’s now even more to love!

2. Even if you’ve never read the first two books, this book works as a standalone, too.

3. Because shipwrecks, woman scientists, charming rogues, stuttering violinists, hot soldiers, and native tribes, that’s why!

4. Like brotherly bromance? There’s lots of it here.

5. Love traditional romance? There’s lots of that, too.

6. Twists around every corner – we’ll bet you can’t predict what happens next!

7. You’ll meet a whole new generation of characters…

8. And see the return of some beloved ones, too.

9. You’ll embark with the characters upon their epic misadventure, via a hilariously botched expedition, to a place you have seriously NEVER been to before.

10. Because you can never fall in love with Jordinia too many times!

Begin the adventure at: http://amzn.to/2sLzstc

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