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  • Without Curtains

    Holly M. Campbell

  • The Duchess Inheritance

    Jordinia: Book II, C.K. Brooke

  • Their Rigid Rules

    The Chemical Attraction Series: Prequel, Christina Thompson

  • Foreshadowed

    Holly M. Campbell

  • New York Dolls

    Catherine L. Hensley

  • The Duchess Quest

    Jordinia: Book I, C.K. Brooke

  • Fire of the Sea

    Lyndsay Johnson

  • From the Embers

    The Born in Flames Trilogy: Book III, Candace Knoebel

  • Checked

    Jennifer Jamelli

  • The Just Beyond

    The Beyond Trilogy: Book I, Mark Tucker

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Without Curtains, by Holly M. Campbell

The Book

Against her better judgment, eighteen-year-old Rebecca Douglas returns home to Clayton Creek. To the house where her mother was murdered. Where the Shadow—a monster with gleaming red eyes—haunted her dreams every night. All for the funeral of a man she stopped calling “Dad” a long time ago.

To Rebecca’s surprise, her father left her a box of “personal items.” At first glance, it’s filled with old journals, family photos, and a dozen letters addressed to her that her father never sent. But things aren’t always what they seem. Rebecca has just inherited a few family secrets…and one murder mystery… Read More!

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