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  • The Fourth Piece

    Order’s Last Play, Book 1, Coming Soon

  • Forewarned

    The Near Deaths Series, Book 2 Pre-order

  • On the Other Side

    Nicole Aube

  • The Red Pearl

    C.K. Brooke

  • Copper Reign

    Angela Hartley

  • The Light Side of the Moon

    Elizabeth Guizzetti

  • Without Curtains

    Holly M. Campbell

  • The Duchess Inheritance

    Jordinia: Book II, C.K. Brooke

  • Their Rigid Rules

    The Chemical Attraction Series: Prequel, Christina Thompson

  • Foreshadowed

    The Near Deaths Series, Book 1, Holly M. Campbell

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Exclusive Sale: New York Dolls

For a limited time, New York Dolls, by Catherine L. Hensley, is on sale for only $0.99 at 48fourteen. At check out, enter coupon code: BOOK SALE.

A chance encounter at New York Fashion Week turns Denton Hodges’ life upside down–and into the biggest story she’s ever reported…


On-the-Other-Side-Featured-New-ReleaseON THE OTHER SIDE by Nicole Aube

The Book

When you are forbidden to remember, choosing not to forget is the greatest rebellion of all.

Bound to the Flood waters, sixteen-year-old Hilaria McCleod gathers relics from the days when Orleans wasn’t divided in two by the Wall and long before NAP—the Name Acquisition Program—governed her beloved city.

But pieces of a lost past do nothing to satisfy Hilaria’s desire to escape… READ MORE!

Enjoy this sneak peek of On the Other Side and see Orleans through Hilaria’s eyes

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