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  • The Kindred Code

    The Chemical Attraction Series, Book 2 Christina Thompson

  • The Duchess’s Descendants

    C.K. Brooke

  • Grave Little Secrets

    Stacy R. Collins

  • Beautiful Something Else

    by Sheila Hageman

  • The Compass from the Red Lands

    by Matt Thomas

  • The Wrong Prince

    by C.K. Brooke

  • The Fourth Piece

    Order’s Last Play, Book 1, E. Ardell

  • Forewarned

    The Near Deaths Series, Book 2 Holly M. Campbell

  • On the Other Side

    Nicole Aube

  • The Red Pearl

    C.K. Brooke

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Exclusive Sale: New York Dolls

For a limited time, New York Dolls, by Catherine L. Hensley, is on sale for only $0.99 at 48fourteen. At check out, enter coupon code: BOOK SALE.

A chance encounter at New York Fashion Week turns Denton Hodges’ life upside down–and into the biggest story she’s ever reported…


Duchess3_Final_500x750THE DUCHESS’S DESCENDANTS by C.K. Brooke

The next generation. A new adventure…

Over three decades have passed since the Ducelle Empire reclaimed the land, and Jordinia has never prospered more. When the emperor negotiates a treaty among neighboring nations, Jordinia is awarded an archipelago of islands in the north. With intentions to colonize, His Majesty enlists his two underachieving nephews on an expedition to chart the wilderness.

From an icy shipwreck to precarious encounters with the native inhabitants, almost nothing goes as planned in this fast-paced comedy of errors teeming with humor, fantasy and plenty of romance. Prepare to fall in love with Jordinia all over again! READ MORE!

Enjoy this sneak peek of the The Duchess’s Descendants by C.K. Brooke. 

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