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Lisa McDivitt is a graduate of USC and the Journalism School at Columbia University. A caffeine addict, she can find almost any excuse to imbibe a coffee, even if it will rob her of sleep. In her spare time she likes to park her mother's Audi directly under a no parking sign, procure a vast number of varied email addresses and appear on billboards in her hometown of Colorado Springs. She can be found on the Upper West side, extolling the virtue of Chanel's commandment to ditch an accessory as one heads to the door, charging through a spin class, and dreaming up new adventures for her debutante detective heroine.


When I’m not telling stories (either in real life or in a novel), I am usually doing any number of the following things:

1. Talking on the phone with my mom. She’s the most brilliant and amazing woman in the world, and my best friend.

2. Practicing the piano. I'm currently working on a Chopin Etude, a Bach Prelude & Fugue and a Beethoven Sonata. Unfortunately for my neighbors and friends, I don't know any Coldplay.

3. Working out. I’m a total gym rat.

4. Practicing French with the help of the Capretz Method, which I do in the privacy of my own home so no one has to listen to me butcher the language.

5. Reading one of the books I have on my night stand (at the moment that includes Water for Elephants, Knowing Your Value, and Tabloid City), The New Yorker, or the New York Times. My dad and I share a similarly sporadic reading style.

6. Going to the movies. Next to reading, the greatest pastime ever invented.

7. Attempting to cook incredibly difficult dishes I invent in my head. This is often unsuccessful.

8. Having brunch or dinner with my wonderful girlfriends (or talking on the phone to the ones who are out of state).

9. Walking around New York right when the sun is setting.

10. Heading home to Colorado to see my family any chance I get. My handsome, attorney brother and I can only go so long on great terms until I have to actually show up in person and remind him what an annoying little sister I am.

11. Writing in my journal.

Now, picture everything I just described and add a cup of coffee to each activity. I almost always have a cup of coffee in my hand. (At the gym I leave it in the locker.)


Samantha Robinson has questionable fashion sense, a dorky sense of humor, and keen observational skills. Her nosiness and passion for murder novels has her believing there’s always a mystery to be solved. Much to her frustration, her parents’ new money has made Samantha a shoe-in as a debutante, even though it’s the last thing Samantha would ever want to be. She doesn’t want to spend any more time with the catty rich girls who have made her life miserable since junior high.

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